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Sleeve Mesh

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Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series
Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series
Sleeve Mesh SM Series
Sleeve Mesh SM Series
Heavy-Gauge Mesh SM-H Series
Heavy-Gauge Mesh SM-H Series

Our sleeve mesh is a flexible plastic mesh that helps ensure products get protection they need. Sleeve mesh can help protect objects against unsightly scratches and helps you reduce costs that can be incurred by repainting and relabeling surface areas. We have an assortment of sleeve mesh for various applications.

Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series

Protect industry mandated labels on cylinder shaped products with Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series Sleeve Mesh. Cylinder netting provides protection against unsightly scratches and the removal of industry-mandated labels. Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series Sleeve Mesh greatly reduces the labor and expense incurred if the label were damaged and repainting and relabeling was required. Purchase your Cylinder Mesh SM-CN Series Sleeve Mesh here at Caps ’n Plugs.

Sleeve Mesh SM Series

Protect parts and products from chipping, getting scratched or damaged with Sleeve Mesh SM series covers. Sleeve Mesh SM Series is specifically designed to protect machined, painted or coated parts from chipping, scratching or abrasions during in-house processing or shipping. Ideal fir protecting parts or products that are irregular shapes or sizes. Sleeve Mesh SM series will eliminates the need for expensive packaging materials. Order your Sleeve Mesh SM Series today.

Heavy-Gauge Mesh SM-H Series

Protect products, machinery and parts from chipping, scratches and abrasions with Heavy Gaige Sleeve Mesh. Heavu-Gauge Mesh Performs identically to our sleeve mesh, except it is designed with thicker strands positioned closer together to offer extra protection against intensive abrasions. Heavy-Gauge Mesh SM-H Series is great for protection various shaped products and parts, specifically hard to fit items. Shop for your Heavy-Gauge Mesh SM-H Series with Caps ’n Plugs and prevent damage to the products you ship!