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Caps’n Plugs sells top quality Plastic Caps. We provide plastic vinyl caps and grips in different styles, sizes and colors. Custom sizing and Logo printing are also available. At a glance, our various lines of Plastic Caps offer variable utility for numerous uses.

  • Our round vinyl caps are able to stretch and fit over different sized items. You can create a finished look to many applications in several industries
  • PVC caps come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a multitude of uses. Vented Pull Tabs stay put and great for items that experience pressure build up, plus they are easy to remove.
  • The Round Hanger Caps fit tightly around items such as tools, brooms and kitchen tools, plus they can be hung up for storage purposes.
  • Our Anti-Roll Caps are great to use when shipping items with or without PETG tubing. Discover how plastic caps can improve everyday living.

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